Delta virus is rampant, nucleic acid detection is difficult to deal with, and the great advantages of antigen reagent appear!
Aug 12 , 2021

According to the report of the Wall Street Journal on August 5, more and more Americans need a long queue to do the new crown test, and it takes a long time to get the results. This is because under the ravage of a new round of delta mutant virus, more and more places in the United States need people to show infection free test results to enter CVS health is one of the largest chain pharmacies in the United States. Statistics show that the number of daily tests has exceeded the average level of this year.

The institutions that can provide new crown testing in the United States are mainly medical institutions, pharmacies and third-party laboratories. In the face of a new round of new crown offensive, these institutions are making intensive preparations to meet the needs of larger-scale testing. Due to the panic caused by delta breakthrough infection among vaccinated people, more and more enterprises need vaccinated employees to provide negative test results regularly, which is also the new guidance and suggestion of CDC, a US federal agency. This measure will greatly increase the demand for new crown testing in the United States. For the new situation of the new crown spreading again caused by Delta, the United States is also facing the challenge that the new crown nucleic acid PCR test can not produce results quickly. For enterprises that need to return to work, offline schools, or social activities, the failure to obtain the test results in time will affect the normal opening of these places.

The lack of PCR detection capacity and delayed results of new crown nucleic acid in the United States last year have proved that it is very unfavorable to the control of the epidemic. Fortunately, different from last year, the new crown antigen reagent for home testing approved by FDA in 2021 can help solve some problems. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, the antigen self-test reagent sells very well in CVs and is currently the best-selling product of CVS. "Everyone feels the symptoms of delta, so they are testing desperately," Karen Lynch, CEO of CVs, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal CVS has also prepared a large number of self-test reagents for this purpose.

NBC News said in a report on August 3 that "shopping for FDA authorized home covid test kits, simplified" that home antigen detection reagents can reduce the time for people to line up for molecular nucleic acid PCR reagent testing and reduce the risk of cross infection, And the tester can get the test results in a very short time.

NBC's report said that another advantage of home detection is that it can be detected many times. Through frequent detection, people can get more accurate results without complex molecular accounting PCR detection.

It can be seen from NBC, the mainstream media in the United States, that the home self inspection strategy recommended by FDA is being accepted by the American society.

At present, affected by delta virus, according to the data of the U.S. Department of health, the number of nucleic acid PCR detection had increased to 720000 per day by August 2, while the number of detection was only about 500000 in July, but it was still much lower than last year. The number of detection at the peak of last year was 2 million per day.

At present, the number of nucleic acid PCR tests has decreased compared with last year, which also shows that the use of antigen self-test reagents in the United States is gradually improving, replacing many nucleic acid PCR tests, which is more troublesome for the American people, increases the risk of infection, and takes a long time to wait for the results. The arrival of the Delta virus has changed the war between mankind and COVID-19. "The vaccine has no effect on the Delta virus" - depth analysis report: Washington Post disclosed the internal document of the US CDC that "Delta has changed the war between mankind and COVID-19". Last week, the US CDC released the PPT file according to Washington Post. Revised the American people's guidance on testing and wearing masks for people who have completed vaccination. CDC suggested that if people who have completed vaccination contact people infected with new crowns, they must be tested for new crowns within 3 to 5 days after exposure. At the same time, masks must also be worn in indoor public places.

Before that, the CDC no longer recommended wearing masks for people who had completed vaccination, and there was no need to test after contacting patients with new crowns.

The future is the era of coexistence of human beings and COVID-19. Just like our previous article, "depth of New York guest": abandon fantasy and learn to coexist with the new crown. As mentioned above, this view has gradually become the consensus of European and American countries. Rapid and convenient antigen self-test reagent will become an indispensable tool for human and new crown long-term battle. For the offline teaching that will resume in September, the challenge faced by all schools in the United States is how to reduce the spread of delta through testing. The action taken by Delaware's public schools is to provide immediate new crown testing in schools with third-party institutions. The state government will allocate $15 million from the federal new crown relief fund for school testing. The goal is to test once a week, but it is not mandatory, and students must obtain the consent of their parents before they can do the testing. The detection reagent used by Delaware is the quodel antigen self-test reagent "quickvueat home OTC covid-19 test" approved by FDA. Delaware's $15 million represents the huge new crown self inspection reagent Market in the United States. Not only all schools have such demand, but also most enterprises have the same demand. The emergence of the Delta virus has completely changed the war between mankind and COVID-19, and has also brought a new opportunity for China's IVD enterprises, which exceeds the IVD enterprises in Europe and the United States in the field of antigen test.

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