New products launch!A new portable qPCR enters the market.
Sep 06 , 2021

Recently, the Joint Laboratory of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Dehn Bioengineering (Wuxi) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed a compact and convenient qPCR product, which officially entered the Chinese and European markets.

1. This portable qPCR product is suitable for rapid detection of epidemic viruses in the field, hotels, community hospitals, stations, airports and other outdoor scenes..

2,The system adopts innovative liquid circulation refrigeration combined with Peltier temperature control ,technology to ensure getting results quickly and accurately. Light and small equipment size, which can be free from the constraints of the site, meets the on-site instantaneous detection demands.

3The system supports the application of all common real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR detection modes, including qualitative detection, relative quantification, absolute quantification, genotyping, etc.

4,We have also specially developed a complete set of practical and convenient detection reagent for this compact and portable instrument. The reagent makes all components of PCR into lyophilized balls, which is stable at room temperature without cold chain refrigeration and simple to use. It is suitable for all kinds of PCR instruments, reducing the requirements for professionals, environmental facilities and detection equipment to a certain extent, It has great advantages in field application and grass-roots detection.

We always aim at cutting-edge technology and will also be committed to research and development in microfluidic and other directions to meet the latest market demand.

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