Peru has reported 199 delta cases, and the third wave of epidemic may have begun
Aug 30 , 2021

Xinhua news agency, August, 30, according to Peru's "the public speaking" report, local time 29, Peru health minister El Nando se vally reported that Peru has reported 199 cases of confirmed cases of COVID-19 Delta, the patients are distributed in 18 large areas of the country

It is reported that while supervising the sixth "vaccine marathon", Hernando sevalos confirmed that the Ministry of health and regional governments have formulated a national plan to deal with the final third wave of epidemic.

Sevalos pointed out that although the delta variant is not the main virus strain of newly confirmed cases, the confirmed cases are gradually increasing, the delta variant continues to spread throughout the country, and the third wave of epidemic may have begun.Sevalos once again called on people to receive two doses of new crown vaccine and continue to comply with biosafety measures to reduce the risk of infection.

As of 6 p.m. on the 29th, Peru had vaccinated more than 18.37 million doses of new crown vaccine, more than 10.28 million people had been vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine and more than 8.08 million people had been vaccinated with two doses of vaccine.

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