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COVID-19 Nucleic acid extraction kit 2021-08-03

Recently, our joint laboratory in Shenzhen has developed an extraction kit for automatic nucleic acid extractor. The product is mainly used for nucleic acid extraction and purification of viral DNA and RNA in different samples.

Compared with manual extraction, it can save time, improve the consistency of results, ensure sequence integrity, increase the uniformity of PCR template solution and remove PCR inhibitors

Compared with other products, it has the following advantages:

Magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction can automate high-throughput;

Rapid purification of high-quality viral DNA and RNA;

Good repeatability and high yield;

Completely remove pollutants and inhibitors;

Products: various molecular detection methods such as PCR and sequencing;

Instrument: supporting the use of a variety of mainstream nucleic acid extractors in the market.

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